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Double graduate from the University of Saarland, Saarbrücken (Germany) and the EEIGM (European School of Materials Science and Engineering) at INPL Nancy, Guillaume MAILLARD has pursued an international career path throughout his professional life.

After spending 10 years in the automotive industry, notably as the Head of International Development for the Interior Systems division of a leading French automotive supplier in Asia, Guillaume MAILLARD decided to embark on his entrepreneurial journey in 2008 by acquiring a French SME specialized in competition motorsport.

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Establishment of the G2M Group

With a strong commitment to development and diversification, Guillaume MAILLARD pursued external growth by establishing a sports division dedicated to the distribution of automotive products and services, specializing in competition tires, fuels, and special lubricants (Sodipneu - Sodifuel).

Since 2020, the G2M Group has strengthened its role as a service provider in distribution across France by establishing a multifaceted industrial division, becoming a key player in industrial tires and rapid mechanics in the Loire and Haute Loire regions.

G2M Group now dedicates its efforts to the international expansion of its industrial service business, particularly in the Middle East.

The future of G2M involves sustainable distribution of innovative products in synthetic fuels and tires incorporating recycled components, supporting our partners' endeavors.


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